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Title: Pipeline Integrity Management Through On-Line Inspection
Category: Pipeline Industries Guild technical library
Downloadable: Yes 
Project No.:
Research Agency:
Catalog No.: PIG0186
Date of Publication:
Price: $25.00 US
Authors: R.A. Shanbhag
Abstract: The ageing pipelines pose a challenge to the commitment to excellence, public interest and pipeline integrity. Pipelines needs to be safe, reliable, efficient and economic in operations. Failures cannot be swallowed due to damaging consequences - financial, public, political and environmental. Hydrotest can be a tool to prove the line integrity. Quantitatively on-line inspection survey can prove the line by follow up repair of all significant defects detected and sized accurately. As the defect depth, length and failure hoop stress in % SMYS characterise the defects and defects can fail either in leakage mode or rupture defect mode, significance is derived from their relationship expressed by ANSI B31G formula. Defects affecting pipeline integrity at different severity level can be successfully utilized for go/no-go repair decisions. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd utilizes its available cost and time resources by prioritisation of lines from inspection angle and effectively manages the line integrity for its entire network through Instrumented Pig Survey by covering the failure risk before any line actually meets the accidents. With a better integrity management approach and improvement in quality of material and state of art technique in design and construction of pipelines, actual life of the line is likely to be enhanced to manifolds than the usual design life.
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