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Title: Gas pipelines, BS8010 and risk assessment  a case study
Category: Pipeline Industries Guild technical library
Downloadable: Yes 
Project No.:
Research Agency:
Catalog No.: PIG0027
Date of Publication: February 18, 1992
Price: $25.00 US
Authors: A P Cox and A F Marsden
Abstract: When designing a pipeline to convey hydrocarbons cross country (as opposed to subsea) there are a variety of codes, standards and regulations that have to be considered. The aim of this paper is to consider the aspects of the design and routing of a pipeline that are related to ensuring the safety of the general public.

Ten years ago gas pipelines in the UK were being designed to British Standard CP 2010, This is now being superseded by BS 8010 as the various parts of the Standard are issued. Part 1 Pipelines on land: general was issued in 1989. Some of Part 2 Pipelines on land: design, construction and installation was issued in 1991, but Section 2.8 Pipelines in steel for oil, gas and associated products, which is the section relevant to this paper, has not yet been issued.

In 1988 the Health and Safety Executive(HSE) advised Shell Chemicals U.K. Ltd (SCUK) that there should be no problems with acceptance of the proposed North Western Ethylene Pipeline (NWEP) if it was designed to the new draft BS 8010. Thus this became the first major gas pipeline to be designed within its scope. It should be noted that the design and routing of the NWEP was based on the version of draft section 2.8 that was available in February 1990. The wording of that draft is the one referred to by the authors of this paper.

The requirements of draft Section 2.8 were taken into account by Technica Ltd when they carried out the risk analysis study which formed the major part of the Safety Report for the NWEP that was required by the Department of Energy.

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