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Title: Metallic corrosion by micro-organisms
Category: Papers by Dr R A King
Downloadable: Yes 
Project No.:
Research Agency:
Catalog No.: 727
Date of Publication: 1973
Price: $25.00 US
Authors: Dr R A King
Abstract: The corrosion of metals by microorganisms occurs in many and diverse environments, e.g. cooling towers, oil storage tanks, underground pipelines, lubricating and cutting oils, ships' bottoms, hydraulic systems, jet fuel tanks, inside water mains, central heating systems. The type of organism responsible for the corrosion varies with situation. Fungi, yeasts, algae and bacteria have all been identified with specific corrosion problems either singly or in a conjoint manner. Metallic corrosion can occur in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. The organisms which have been most intensively studied are the sulphate-reducing bacteria.
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