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Title: Estimating liquid pool evaporation by forced convection in a gas pipeline
Category: Technical papers from the Journal of Pipeline Engineering
Downloadable: Yes 
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Catalog No.: 2383s
Date of Publication: 2016-09-01
Price: $32.00 US
Authors: Alessandro Terenzi
Abstract: DURING THE DESIGN of a gas-transmission pipeline, it is sometimes necessary to evaluate the timing of a liquid pool evaporation by mass transfer to the incoming gas stream. Residual water pools could be present in the pipeline as a consequence of a liquid leakage through dewatering pigs during pre-commissioning; or both liquid water and hydrocarbons could accumulate in pipeline sag bends as a result of operation with off- specification natural gas (wet or rich), with liquid drop-out from the vapour phase due to the fluid-phase envelope crossing at pressure and temperature conditions of the normal operating envelope.

Negative consequences of liquid accumulation could be slugging, for the hydrocarbon case, or corrosion and hydrate formation for the free-water case; hence liquid must be removed as soon as practicable. This paper presents a new model that could be used to calculate the drying time and spatial evolution of a residual liquid pool in a gas pipeline removed by air or by the natural gas flowing over it.

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