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Title: Weld trim dimensional tolerances for use with a design factor of 0.8
Category: Technical papers from the Journal of Pipeline Engineering
Downloadable: Yes 
Project No.:
Research Agency:
Catalog No.: 2131s
Date of Publication: June, 2008
Price: $25.00 US
Authors: Dr Michael Law and John Piper
Abstract: ALLOWABLE WELD trim dimensional tolerances were investigated for use with a 0.8 design factor. The work assumed minimum material properties, and cases were analysed both with finite-element analysis and with an analytical method which is also described. The allowable weld trim in API 5L was found to be adequate for a design factor of 0.72, but failed some cases at a design factor of 0.8. Weld trim tolerances for use with a design factor of 0.8 are derived; these are used in the revised Australian Standard for Gas and Liquid Petroleum Pipelines which now permits the higher design factor.


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2. M.Law, G.Bowie, and L.Fletcher, 2005. Poisson’s induced axial stresses in restrained pipelines: their effects on yielding and subsequent plasticity. Journal of Pipeline Integrity, 4, 1, pp5-12.
3. AS2885.5-2002 Australian Standard: Pipelines – Gas and liquid petroleum – Field pressure testing.
4. AS2885.1-2007 Australian Standard: Pipelines – Gas and liquid petroleum – Part 1: Design and construction.

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